About Us

Neil Maser- Owner & Founder

By the age of eight, I possessed a passion to get behind the wheel of anything with a motor. By nine, racing was a weekly thing for me. At fifteen, I bought my first Audi and began swapping motors and parts at every opportunity.

Needless to say, cars are my thing, and they always will be. Since I found the perfect location, I decided to turn my passion into reality with Urban Werks. I also pursued additional, specialized training in Los Angeles with the professionals at Chemical Guys. The foundation of our business is quality automobile service and personalized customer service. Period. Our mission statement can be summed up in one word – SERVICE!  We want your experience with us to be something you’ll want to talk about.

Wes “Moe” Mcelroy – Detailer

IMG_2090 A love for cars is something everyone at Urban Werks has in common. My entire life has been  surrounded by all things automotive, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The very first job I had was  at a car wash where I gathered basic skills on how to clean a car, but only years later would I discover what a truly pristine vehicle looks like, thanks to Neil. Every job I have had since has been detailing, which has allowed me to gather an enormous amount of knowledge on paint correction and protection.I have also attended Interior Repair School in Virginia where I was equipped with the skills to repair leather, cloth, carpet, and even glass.

Devotion is something we all share, and devotion to you and your vehicle is something you will experience at Urban Werks.

Denis Podmarkov – Marketing Specialist 

603719_10204122444775082_2494389229225805582_nMostly know as “dpod” on the internet, I too have a huge passion for cars. It’s a passion we all share here at Urban Werks that brings us all together.  What do I bring to the table? My automotive photography skills to truly show you what we do here. My goal is to capture the true beauty of the cars we get in, and then spread them all over the net for everyone to see what Urban Werks is capable of. I’m a self taught photographer and never knew my skills would take me this far. I’m very honored to be part of the Urban Werks family and look forward to taking pictures of your car.

  Fully Certified through Smart Detailing University




Certified Ceramic Pro Installer 


There is much more to auto detailing than meets the eye. Knowing how to properly use your tools and products is key to ensuring you can deliver high quality services. Being certified through Smart Detailing University’s Master Training Courses has equipped us with knowledge and experience in the auto detailing industry that you just won’t find on your own. Combine this with our passion for cars and continual goal of quality customer service, and we can comfortably say we are Lancaster’s Premier Auto Detailing Center.

The Dream
Why Urban Werks? Urban Werks detail shop is only part of our dream. We have plans to grow the company into something much more than detailing. Entering the industry as enthusiasts, we hope to eventually open another shop to provide customers with a full line of services from general maintenance to full-blown customization and modification of any part of a vehicle. We fully believe in building everything from the ground up and plan to grow the company into just that- a place for collaboration between customers and staff on designing and creating their ideal vehicle.

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