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Due to the versatility of Ceramic Pro, it can be applied to almost any material. We can protect any investment, including: watches, footwear, wheels, brake calipers, leather, firearms, and many more. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and make Ceramic Pro part of your lifestyle.




Ceramic Pro protects the fabric, has hydrophobic properties, chemical resistance, UV resistance, and makes it easy to clean. Get your shoes coated and protected!




Pistols – $75.00
Rifles – $125.00
Shotguns – $100.00

Before coating a firearm, it must be cleaned. We offer cleaning services starting at $25.00

Having your firearm coated has many benefits. It protects the finish, prevents build up of carbon and organic materials, scratch resistant, makes cleaning easy, and UV protection.




Cleaning wheels can take forever, but with Ceramic Pro cleaning wheels will actually be enjoyable. Your wheels will be protected from scratches, UV rays, brake dusk will wash right away and, the finish of the wheels will be protected. Have plotted lips or faces? Ceramic Pro will protect from oxidation.




When spending a good amount on a watch, the last thing you want is to get it all scratched up. With Ceramic  Pro, the finish will stay protected: no more light scratches.



Brake Calipers

When it comes to brake calipers the finish doesn’t last very long due to dirty build up and scratches. With Ceramic Pro your calipers will be protected from brake dust build up and protect the finish.


$600 – $700


You know when you spend more time washing your four-wheeler than riding it, you need Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro repels dirt and has hydroponic properties, so when you’re riding  through the mud, it’ll just come right off.

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