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Urban Werks provides our customers with a wide range of services. We ensure every customer leaves with the best experience. We work on an individualized basis, and like to go over each car with our customers to create a personalized service experience.

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Specialty Wax Application

We have a full line of specialty waxes/ glazes available at Urban Werks. In house we have Chemical Guys White Wax, Black Wax, Lava Luminous, and Blacklight Glaze. Any of these can be added or in place of our already amazing Butter Wet Wax for just $25 more. Contact the shop for more info.


Jet Seal

Jet seal is a sealant that was developed using aerospace technology. This sealant will bond to your paint and give it a finish that will protect your paintwork for up to 12 months. Perfect for a winter protection service. This service already comes with a Wash.  – Vehicle must reach techs standards before applying. $15 – $20 up-charge for paint that doesn’t reach standards


Wash + Wax

This service includes: Vehicle hand washed ( includes wheels), All deposits on vehicle removed, Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax hand applied and removed, Tires dressed – Note: $69 for larger vehicles.


Headlight Restoration

This service is for those dull and hazy headlights. Let us bring life back to your headlights and bring them back to their full potential. Not only to make your vehicle look better, but for your safety as well. – Requires 1 hour


Taillight Restoration

This service is for those dull and hazy taillights. Let us bring life back to your taillights and bring them back to their full potential. Not only to make your vehicle look better, but for your safety, and others as well. – Requires 1 hour


Convertible Top Protection

Our Convertible Top Protection service is where our techs apply a Ceramic Pro coating to the top material that bonds to it, protecting the fabric from UV rays and fallout. As well as preventing water from destroying it over time by creating a super hydrophobic effect to the surface.


Celeste Dettaglio V2 Wax Application

Celeste Dettaglio V2 is a top of the line pure carnauba wax by Chemical Guys. Celeste V2 offers a brilliant shine with outstanding protection.The unique blend of pure carnauba was specifically crafted to make any vehicle look stunning. Celeste Dettaglio V2 is designed to take the amazing palette of colors and enhance the clarity to achieve a mind blowing appearance that will make you stare in pure astonishment wondering how your piece of automotive art could look this amazing. Dark color cars will appear to capture the hue of our world’s natural colors. The truly one-of-a-kind formulation captures the stunning shades of automotive art and transforms them into crystal clear eye candy. Celeste Dettaglio brings the dark luster to jet black paint that you only imagined could be portrayed in the dreams of an automotive enthusiast. White, yellow, and red paint are enhanced and brightened to appear crisp and bright in the sunlight. Yellow cars gain that crisp bright finish that stands out from the crowd. White cars become bright and vibrant just like snow falling on a perfect winter’s day.


Paint Correction + Polishing Services

Paint Correcting, also known as compounding and polishing. When performed correctly, the process is a long and labor intensive art. Through proper compounding, polishing, and finishing we are able to restore the surface of your vehicle’s paint to like new, or in most cases better than new. This process removes all swirls and in many cases deeper scratches to breathe life back into paintwork. This service is done at the techs discretion. Average cost: $150 per step ( 2-3 steps averagely ) Unless Specified by the tech.

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