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Vinyl wraps by Urban Werks is a cost effective alternative to paint. With thousands of color options and finishes – from gloss to leather texture, vinyl wrapping creates the ability to change up your vehicle’s appearance time after time at the fraction of the cost.

Base Pricing

All include a 1-year warranty:
2 door hatchback: $2,100
4 door hatchback or coupe: $2350
4 door sedan or wagon: $2600
Commercial, Track set up graphics, or customer jobs also available.


Q:How long does vinyl last?
A: Typically 5 years for your daily driven vehicle. Up to 10 years on garage-kept or weekend drivers.
Q: Do you care for vinyl wrap the same way as paint?
A: Yes. Whether its matte or gloss, you care for vinyl the same way you would paint with washes, waxes, and details.
Q: Can you wrap just the roof/mirrors/trunk/etc.?
A: Yes. Contact us for a quote.
Q: Does a vinyl wrap damage the paint?
A: No. It preserves the paint underneath. Nearly no adhesive is left behind if removed properly.
note: if your clear coat or paint is already damaged/peeling, you may experience some paint removal upon removing the vinyl.
Q: Can you do custom printed wraps or livery?
A: Yes. We have the capabilities to handle any vinyl wrap needs you have. Contact us for a quote on custom prints.

Now offering STEK DYNOshades in shade, smoke, or yellow!

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