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Urban Werks provides our customers with a wide range of services. We ensure every customer leaves with the best experience. We work on an individualized basis, and like to go over each car with our customers to create a personalized service experience.

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Specialty Wax Application

We have a full line of specialty waxes/ glazes available at Urban Werks. Any of these can be added or in place of our already amazing Caranuba Wax product’s for just $40 more. Contact the shop for more info on what waxes/ glazes we have in house!


Headlight Restoration

This service is for those dull and hazy headlights. Let us bring life back to your headlights and bring them back to their full potential. Not only to make your vehicle look better, but for your safety as well. – Requires 1 hour


Taillight Restoration

This service is for those dull and hazy taillights. Let us bring life back to your taillights and bring them back to their full potential. Not only to make your vehicle look better, but for your safety, and others as well. – Requires 1 hour


Wash + Wax

This service includes: Vehicle hand washed ( includes wheels), premium carnauba wax based product applied. Tires dressed – Note: $85 for larger vehicles.


Ceramic Wash

The Ceramic Wash includes our premium hand wash service plus our exterior ceramic conditioner Bathe + by Gyeon. We then hand dry the vehicle and apply our ceramic booster spray.  $125+ for larger vehicles.


Premium Paint Sealant

This sealant will bond to your paint and give it a finish that will protect your paintwork for up to 12 months. Perfect for a winter protection service. This service already comes with a premium hand wash.  – Vehicle must reach techs standards before applying. Contact the shop to see which sealants we offer!


Convertible Top Protection

Our Convertible Top Protection service is where our techs apply a GYEON Q2 Fabric coating to the top material that bonds to it, protecting the fabric from UV rays and fallout. As well as preventing water from destroying it over time by creating a super hydrophobic effect to the surface.


AngelWax ENIGMA Ceramic Wax

Angelwax Enigma is our unique state of the art detailing wax, incorporating complex ceramic molecules which have been designed and formulated to offer outstanding durability paired with an uncompromising high gloss finish. Unlike conventional detailing waxes, the ceramic component within Angelwax Enigma bond to the vehicle’s surface whilst filling microscopic holes and pores in the paintwork to ensure a completely smooth and level finish. This not only improves the overall gloss and finish but also aids in better water sheeting and self cleaning properties.

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