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Urban Werks provides the very best auto detailing services in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. We serve daily customers with immediate needs, as well as exotic and classic cars and motorcycles. Offering an extensive line of services ranging from general automotive detailing and correction to Ceramic Coating and Crucial Wraps. Our technicians are fully certified through Smart Detailing University for applying Ceramic Pro and SunTek Films, so your vehicle will always look brand new.

Interior or exterior, we can cover it all. Our service professionals know the ins and outs of your vehicle, so that when you leave, you are completely satisfied. With detailing services starting at $100, and detail packages starting at only $325, Urban Werks has something for everyone, whether you’re a car enthusiast or fleet manager.

Our broad selection of full-service detailing packages by Classic Shine Automotive Detailing LLC offers a powerful range of detailing services that are catered to your vehicle’s specific condition and individual needs, without needing to ever move your vehicle. We come to you.

Urban Werks provides our customers with a wide range of services. We ensure every customer leaves with the best experience. Our specialty services include: SB3 Ceramic Coatings, SunTek PPF, Ceramic Pro, Window Tinting, Crucial Wraps, and many more.

Window tinting is more than just style. It’s also a great way to protect the interior of your vehicle. Our certified professionals will make sure that your tint is installed correctly with no cracks or creases, the way it should be.

Keeping in the line with the Mercedes Benz brand standard and motto of, “The Best or Nothing” – making the choice to offer Ceramic Pro protective coating was a customer-centric decision that has yielded results that have impressed our staff and clients alike.  Working with Urban Werks entire team has been a pleasure and I would trust them with the most exotic vehicles in our store. Their attention to detail and professionalism has been The Best or Nothing as well.  We are proud to offer the best to our customers to protect their investment and keep it looking beautiful for years to come and we are proud to work with Urban Werks as they take pain-staking detail in making every coating a job flawlessly done.

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